You may be in the MTC if…

Funny things that happen in the MTC:

-At lunch today an Elder told me how before he left, his mom sprayed her perfume on his Preach My Gospel to remember her by.

-I was in such a hurry at lunch my second day that I told the cafeteria lady to put “whatever” on my wrap- hence, I ended up eating a chicken, ham, salsa, green pepper, spinach, BBQ sauced ranch wrap.

Yeah…take. your. time.

-Earlier today an elder was singing a song from the musical seven brides and brothers…mormon country? 😉

-These Elders next to us were saying how they didn’t want to gain weight at the MTC, therefore they weren’t going to eat the ice cream. They glanced at me right as I was about to take a huge spoonful of “earnestly chocolate” ice cream. I just smiled.

-I saw an elder walk by with 3 big glasses of orange juice…I know where he spent the rest of his day:)

-Just so you know…I have a favorite bathroom stall here.

-On the intercom yesterday in the sisters’ dorms, they announced a “male worker” was entering the building (probably to fix or clean something) and I thought they said “mail worker”. I got so excited, I ran out to find him! I think a few of the sisters wondered if I was out for the right reasons:)

-The elders are always pulling pranks. Today Elder Keenan looked away from his breakfast tray for a split-second and Elder Shawn stuck his half eaten apple in his glass of water. When Elder Keenan picked up his glass to take a drink, water went everywhere. Funny thing is though, he said he couldn’t remember sticking his apple in there, picked it out and ate the rest of it.

Gotta love the MTC!

…more to come:)


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