Tips to know before entering the MTC

Okay so I’ve seen so many lists of MTC tips, but we are all so different and so these are personally my tips:


  • Get extra fruit from the cafeteria. It will come in handy at night time.
  • Pack everything for Day 1 in one suitcase including study materials.
  • The 2nd floor of the main gym has carpet which is good to do lunges and stretches.
  • Use your whole gym time. Your body will love you for it.
  • Take a picture on your first day at the world map sign (by the cafeteria), of course.
  • Find your mission president on the wall across from the world map!
  • Instead of a lanyard to carry my MTC card and key around, they have these awesome “slidey-clips” you can buy at the bookstore for like $2. You attach them to your dress or your skirt and they extend out to reach any door. Everyone I know has one.
  • Bring a small purse to carry around your small items. Just a good-sized handbag.
  • Buy an MTC water bottle-when else are you ever going to buy one???
  • Don’t shake hands during flu season-we all shake elbows here:)
  • Bring family pictures!
  • Bring string or ribbon for your dorm key so you can tie it to your clip too. (We had to cut string off our scripture bookmarks)
  • Tie colored ribbon to your suitcase so you know which one is yours. Or just mark your luggage however you would like. There is so much luggage here and it all looks the same.
  • No CDs or music in the MTC (But, we do listen to General Conference podcasts while getting ready so…)
  • Bring your own blanket. It brought me a lot of comfort that first night.
  • Keep lady supplies in your personal bag! Not just in your suitcase back in your room. You’re never there.
  • Your classroom is your classroom. You will LIVE there. You never switch so I leave all my books, dictionaries, paper, pens, and even my bag in there.
  • Buy those little socks that fit inside your flats. Trust me.
  • Bring snacks in your suitcase. Even with all the food here, during 6 hours of class time, it comes in handy. Fruit roll-ups anyone?
  • Bring a foldable laundry bag for P-days. You might even pack a few extra dryer sheets in a Ziploc. And you don’t need quarters…you use your MTC card.
  • They have caffeine free Coca-Cola here! -just sayin’…
  • You can buy birthday cards in the bookstore:)
  • Bring your own hangers, just in case. (Out in the field there are plenty of hangers hanging around in old missionary apartments but in the MTC…not really).
  • Don’t worry-there are always people to help you here, just like at the temple. The elders who greeted me at the curb when we pulled up were the first of many who completely took care of me. They are awesome! I run into them all the time too! Still friends.
  • Serve your companion! Do something kind for him/her every day. 
  • After only a few days you will understand how the MTC works. Heads up though…First day= crazy hectic.
  • Day 2= much better.
  • Earnestly chocolate ice cream…try. it.
  • Sisters get $8 each Wednesday on their cards to spend. Elders get $6…already seeing privileges??
  • If you can make it until Sunday, you’ve got this in the bag! At least that’s what they say here…?
  • Bottom floor rooms are the best…never or rarely been used yet!
  • Turn heat temperature in room down when you first get in- it takes forever to cool down.
  • Sing hymns in the showers- all the sisters join in!
  • Tylenol PM is a lifesaver the first couple of nights because it’s hard to fall asleep. You’re just too excited to be a missionary!

    ADVICE FOR ELDERS FROM CURRENT ELDERS: (they didn’t have a whole lot to say haha)

  • Teaching investigators the 2nd day you’re here…be prepared. Study with investigators in mind and how you will teach them.
  • Splits with the missionaries as often as possible beforehand.
  • Read Chapter 3 of Preach My Gospel before you come…like a zillion times.
  • Immerse yourself in the language but…
  • Study the PMG lessons before language study…seriously. Learn it in English first! Obtain first…then share.
  • Have a nice razor with you and ring an extra pillow and a sweater
  • Oh…and those neck ties with built-in water bottles are pretty nice ya know…


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14 thoughts on “Tips to know before entering the MTC

  1. I LOVE this!! Thank you so much!! I leave for the MTC in 2 weeks, i'll be entering March 6th. And you'll never guess where I'm going…. Albuquerque!! I'm English speaking, but I can't wait to meet you out there!! Good luck!!
    p.s.- I love the blog. SO super cute! And for anyone interested, here's mine-


  2. Thanks for advise Sister 🙂 So helpful. One question: how small of a purse do you mean when you said bring a small purse??

    I enter the MTC in about a month! My brother (Elder Jackson) is there now, but being a guy he doesn't have 'girl' tips, if you know what I mean 😉 Love you!


  3. She means everything that you would need for that night and getting ready the next day(toothbrush, makeup, etc) This just saves time and you can have it all ready so you won't be as stressed out.


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