Goodbye MTC!

 My dear friend Janna who I met and grew to love on our trip to Mexico! The MTC is the best place to run into friends!
 Our Roomie Door!
I swear…we just get more and more each week. Look how beautiful this sight of missionaries is!

Got to host Sister Maggert into the MTC. 🙂
  Finally got a picture with Elder Young. He leaves to Brazil!
 Sometimes…only sometimes are missionaries silly.
Me with Sister Fehrman who left to Canada this week, Sister North who left to Chile and again with Sister Mecham currently in Pocatello and my lovely companion Sister Biancardi. And then there’s Elder Shaum photo bombing as usual. I’ll miss our Zone sisters so much.
 Big group! Our last Zone picture before everyone left. 😥 Our MTC days are over! Que triste.
 Sister Mecham left us from our zone and Sister Biancardi and I saw her off. Seriously sad. I made sure Sister Mecham blew a kiss to my family in Pocatello where she was reassigned to. She will eventually be heading to Argentina when her Visa gets through. Buena Suerte Amiga!
 My friend Sister Church who also went to Mexico with me. Oh the memories. She is headed to Sydney Australia! Good luck beautiful!
 Seriously, look at Elder Hamm’s tie! It’s a built in water bottle! 
Perfect for hot Puebla, Mexico. (don’t I know) :p

 And then of course there is Sister Hannah Melynn. Oh Sister Fellman, who is so much taller than me…typical Hannah face right? We have been talking about being missionaries for so long and would have late night roomie talks up at BYU-I about being in the MTC together…and now it’s happened! Sister Fellman heads out to Reno this week. Love you “lamp”.
 Good bye to our wonderful teacher Hermano Rock (aka…Hno. Piedra)
 And then…we found this ugly note on our door one morning. 😥 Can you believe it? 

They’re kicking us out.

 A little piece of home for me this week. I saw the Robertson’s from the Paul Stake who are also going to New Mexico but the Farmington mission. It was SO fun to run into them! I turned around and we all were a little startled and then we just got excited. We talked about good times at Girl’s Camp…(for those of you who remember our skit) 😉 The Lord shot me a tender mercy this week all the way from home.
Goodbye to the MTC. 😦 I miss my district SOOOOOO much already. Here we are at the last temple walk with our Branch President, Pres. Caywood who was so so kind to all of us. Learned much from this great man. 

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