Tacos and Sunsets: Loving Life in Albuquerque

WHAT A WEEK!! I’m a little tired and I think after grocery shopping I’m going to take a two hour nap…my body is so tired. 3 weeks of missionary work and I’m still going…barely. Haha no. I love this stinkin hard work. I watched all of conference in Spanish…when one of the members of the 70 said he was from Burley, Idaho area my arm shot up in a fist…I got so excited! A few people laughed…I shouldn’t have done it though. I was in the chapel. 🙂 No matter where you go someone has connections to Burley. I’ve had 3 people in our Spanish branch who lived there and a street contact who did too. Plus 2 missionaries here have family from Burley. Burley is just great. Paul is even better.
My new companion and I unintentionally dressed the same last Wednesday. What can I say about my new companion? I don’t know how about hilarious! She say’s the funniest things. Yesterday for example…”What’s the difference between Texas and Wyoming?” or “You know you’re a missionary when you start comparing Harry Potter to Joseph Smith and the Restoration.” This girl kills me. So glad to have her in our companionship. Amazing example of faith and endurance. Love you Sister Rivas!
Albuquerque sunsets! As promised, Al.
 Lunch time! Tex Mex tacos…seriously we eat so many carne asada con limon tacos and horchata. It’s the best.
 Ok, so my new companion who just left the MTC had this picture on her camera. There are so many Sisters there now that they are having to convert Men’s restrooms into Women’s. Sorry, her camera has a huge scratch on it. YAY for all these SISTER MISSIONARIES!
 Victor y Julianna 🙂
 Family dinner with the Orozco family. 🙂
 This is a picture that Elder Newman drew me before I left the MTC. Is it not awesome!?? The shield is CTR…HLJ in Spanish. Haz lo justo. This kid can draw. 
 District Meeting! (trying to decide where to go for lunch afterwards)
 My companion eats Broccoli for breakfast…Broccoli. ????

 My new love seat…can you say Cactus!?
 Hard to tell what this is…but this is our 3rd cockroach this week!
 Sister Rivas, our new companion! We are now a trio…probably not for too long though…
My lunch today…thought you might be interested in it. Amazing fresh carne asada tacos with Agua de Melon to drink it down. So good. (#Mesquite)

2 thoughts on “Tacos and Sunsets: Loving Life in Albuquerque

  1. Hi Sister Silva,
    You have no idea who I am– I just stumbled across your blog on Pinterest and I got super crazy distracted from my homework because I just started reading the posts! I am starting my mission papers in a month and I have been really kind of nervous and not sure if this is what I am supposed to be doing (I pray about it every night). Reading your blog just made me so happy and I got super excited to read about the MTC and then what it's like out in the field! It really motivates me to want to serve a mission even more! Thank you so much for your testimony and your example, even though we have never met!
    -Hannah Byers


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