…and it’s beauty

Temple time with the companions
 Here’s another pictures from “Kite Flying” last week.
 We’re not always like this…promise.
 Look how beautiful! Beautiful, beautiful day. Sad I didn’t get to see
Grandpa. But being in the temple all morning takes away the
disapointment a little. I love the peace of the temple!
 We taught a fun lesson to the kids in the Corral family. We stressed
the importance of reading the scriptures and WHY it was important. We
used the pizza box as an object lesson and had them try and carve
their names in it. It was hard. It was also hard for the prophets to
carve THEIR words in the plates. So….what they wrote MUST have been
pretty important for us to read. We their posterity need to take
advantage of the blessings that we have through the scriptures.
 We taught a lesson at the temple with Ricardo this week. His little
girl Heidi came with us. We were able to teach the Plan of Salvation
there on the temple grounds. So blessed to have a temple in our area.
The Spirit was definitely felt in abundance during our lesson.
 My Jesus Cell phone that I let the little kids play with. (My neighbor
Misty Lynn made this for me…she’s awesome!) The kids LOVE playing
with this. …Especially Julianna 🙂
 We helped Sister Marble move out of her apartment this week. 😥 Her
18 months are up! She has been working in the mission office
faithfully and works so hard for us all and for the Lord. Sad that I
just got here and she’s leaving. She reminds me so much of my Grandma
Rose. 🙂
 We had exchanges with Sister McFarland this week. Such a sweetheart!
Sister Rivas and I loved having her with us. She’s such a hard worker
and one of the happiest people I know
 My girls are graduating! I just had to have Alli post this for me
because I want you all to know how proud I am of them. Aren’t they
gorgeous? Have fun at BYU-I girls! I’ll see you there 2 fall semesters
from now. 😉
Peruvian treats from the Arrillo family. A new family we are teaching!
Yeah! We have been praying for a new family to teach. They are more
than awesome. We taught the first lesson last night and are so eager
to teach them the Plan of Salvation. Praying all goes well with this
family who are such kind and generous people. I already LOVE them so
Exchanges this week! All of us companionships at the church
afterwards. This is such a blessed area to have these Sisters here.
I’m privileged to be able to work with them.
 This week we contacted a
Peruvian family (we’ve been praying to teach a family) and we taught
them the first lesson last night. It was wonderful! We were able to
teach in unity and after doing the First Vision (gets me every time)
the Spirit was so strong, and I KNOW they felt it. They are so
wonderful. I can practically see how God has prepared them. Their
names are the Arillo family, a couple with two young girls. They are
now newly additions to my constant prayers. I love being a missionary with my whole heart. I would


never give up this experience for ANYTHING. Have a great week!
Hermana Silva

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