Happy Tears

To my boy 😀 
The ONLY RIGHT WAY to plan.
My area: Mission Trails Ward, Horizon Stake, El Paso Texas.
Picture of my little scattered town 🙂
The next several pictures are of Miguel’s baptism! It was so so wonderful!
What an honor it’s been being able to teach this kid. You should have
seen him during our lessons. We would teach him SO much and he
absorbed it all right up and said yes to every commitment. He reminds
me so much of one of the stripling warriors. Way to go Miguel!
The next several pictures are of Miguel’s baptism! It was so so wonderful!
Miguel Angel Alvarez with the Garibay family with Sister B and I! Such
a happy day! Look at that kid’s smile! 😀
And of course…Hot sauce and cupcakes are perfect for refreshments
afterwards. Only here.


Who’s this cute family?

Well, quite the week. Homework for all of you if you haven’t already
done it…watch the Work of Salvation broadcast online at
lds.org…and then accept President Monson’s challenge…invite
non-members over for a Family Home Evening. During the FHE, read the
scriptures, sing a hymn or two and EACH of you bare your testimonies. You will see incredible blessings in the lives of you and your family. This week was filled with happy tears for me. Miguel Angel Alvarez was
baptized!!!! That kid is amazing. I was so blessed to come into this
area where the sisters had already found him but I was still able to
teach him several of the lessons and help prepare him for baptism. I
remember my first day meeting him he looked at me and Sister B and
said with that smile I love, “So this is my new team huh?” We sure are.
Miguel was baptized Saturday by Hno. Garibay and confirmed on Sunday.
It was sure a special weekend. Miguel came out of the water with the
biggest smile on his face I’ve ever seen 
(and that’s saying something because his smile is always turned on)
and then just couldn’t stop smiling afterwards. I was up leading the music
and he kept looking up at me and smiling like we were two little kids
who just got caught with our hands in the cookie jar. We were all just
so happy! The spirit was incredible. I got to church Sunday and am
really starting to feel a part of this barrio and area. I was going
around meeting and greeting people and apparently this was planned or
something but I had NO clue. I looked up and there were the two most
beautiful people in the world. Needless to say, Grandma and Grandpa
were able to attend church with me (all 3 hours) and were there for
Miguel’s confirmation. When I say tender mercy, I mean it. 
Have a great week everyone! Love you, Hermana Silva

One thought on “Happy Tears

  1. Hey, there! My daughter, Sister Daines, is in El Paso! Sister Karl is her new companion. This is such a great blog! NOW I feel like I'm really experiencing her mission (she comes home in October). Thanks again!!


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