Life in Ghana – Gratitude.

Things I’m grateful for, now that I’ve been to Ghana:

  • Clean mountain air
  • Clean water
  • Healthy food! (not having to eat so many carbs to fill myself up)
  • Traffic rules
  • Clean showers without wearing flip-flops
  • Taking baths
  • Walking around in bare feet/socks
  • Reliable Wi-Fi
  • Easy communication between people
  • Using credit-cards
  • Reliable Law Enforcement
  • Health Violation Standards
  • Good beef
  • Sidewalks
  • Soap in the dispensers
  • Actual soccer balls. I played soccer the other day with 3 boys out on the street. They had wadded up an old newspaper and had tied rubber bands and string around it in order to have something to kick around. Gee, I wish I had had a Walmart around the corner so I could have bought them a proper ball.
  • Being able to shower without feeling wet again 10 seconds afterwards
  • Being able to drive yourself places
  • Not getting nauseous in the back of a taxi because of all the pot holes
  • Being able to wear your hair down
  • Having variety in extracurricular activities and in food (there are definitely less options here)
  • Smaller spiders



I definitely don’t want to be a negative Nancy though, so here are my top reasons for loving Ghana –

Things I LOVE about Ghana:

  • Vanilla fan ice…oh baby, you have no idea.
  • Pinocchio’s Restaurant
  • The kids don’t have a lot here but they still greet you with a smile and a hearty wave every stinkin time. It amazes me.
  • Our new brother Larry:)
  • The humility of the people and their work ethic
  • Everyone here wears colorful and bright clothes (we wear more browns, blacks and grays back home)
  • Joloff rice
  • Ghanaians can truly enjoy a moment and they are never in a hurry. When you meet someone, they never greet you with a quick handshake, rather they take the time to linger and really connect with you.
  • Ghanaian’s sense of humor
  • They are very devoted to God EVERYWERE and are not afraid to acknowledge God openly in everything. They are always singing gospel songs and they name their restaurants and stores after God.
  • Not having to pay mortgages. People here start a house and then as the money comes, they finish it. That’s why there are so many un-finished, half built houses around here.
  • The strength of the church here. The saints in Ghana are incredible!
  • Having an LDS temple in country. It’s always nice knowing that there is a temple nearby.
  • The white pineapple and the mangoes. You can’t get this stuff in the grocery section back home. And if you do, it tastes bland compared to the sweetness of the fruit here.
  • How we can disconnect easier here from the social media world and actually communicate with our friends. Playing games here is so much fun and we aren’t interrupted all the time by being on our cell phones!

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