Feeling Blessed

 Ok…don’t judge. I promise I’m still consecrated. Doing service at the Garibay’s house! Hauling hay…best day of my life. Texas has so much of my Idahoness in it sometimes.
 Las Charros!
 Hauling Hay…and painting too. Promise it was service! (And no we
couldn’t ride the horses, no matter how much I wanted too)
 Exchanges with Sister Clemens! She is in 11th ward here in El Paso.
 Exchanges with Sister Karl who’s from Rexburg! She’s serving in 4th ward.
 Jorge Adame was baptized last weekend with all his family there. It
was so wonderful to see him be baptized and confirmed and to hear his
sweet testimony. 🙂
 Jorge with his Grandpa Juan Adame who was able to baptize and confirm him. 🙂
 These sisters are the BEST! We love the Ysleta Sisters, Sister Pipkin
and Sister Adams. They are so sweet and such consecrated, wonderful,
hard-working missionaries. Last P-Day…we needed a break, so we along
with the rest of the district decided to go to…wait for it…


 Look at my darling companion 🙂
 My second favorite animal I’ve decided. First…of course come horses.
 We are totally allowed to have fun.
 But…not as much fun as the Elders apparently.


 At Meet the New President Meeting. Gotta love Sister Klaus’s tan line.
Working hard out here in the hot sun!
 Road trip! With Sister Rios and Sister Bills up to Albuquerque and
back for MLC with our wonderful new President. Happy 4th!


 Once again…MLC. Best sight ever.
 At Obispo Yoshida’s house for Sunday Dinner. His son Julio showed me
his piggy bank that he’s filling up for his mission. He is SO excited
and so ready (notice the tag) to serve. Love it!

2 thoughts on “Feeling Blessed

  1. I was just looking at a friend's pinterest on my feed who has just gotten her mission call and realized she's pinned from Emily's blog! I checked it out and Emily's blog is going places on pinterest. The most often pinned are missionary tips. Good job at keeping up the blog, Alli. Happy to be able to see Emily is doing so well!


  2. yes, I just came across your blig via pinterest (and am yet to read the post on things to know before going into thd MTC) and got so excited to see on your transfer tracker that you are serving in Horizon City! I served there in 2003 when it was part os the Arizona Tucson Mission!!! I was Hermana Bullock then. So excited for you to be in Barrio Mission Trails! I loved that ward and had great experiences there! good luck on your mission!


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